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WELCOME TO FA HOSPITALITY, We Really Can Make The Difference

At FA HOSPITALITY, experience matters. We believe in driving results for clients through a proven, balanced scorecard approach to hospitality management. Our performance-based culture creates an atmosphere where talented people are provided with the tools, processes and guidance to deliver excellence in hotel operations, profitability, revenue management, finance and guest service.

                          FA Hospitality

Building value. Realizing potential. Sustaining profitability. At FA HOSPITALITY (“Associate”), a Northern California based hotel management company, our success is guided by one simple maxim: Treat each problem, decision, and opportunity as if the result affects us personally. It’s an effective approach – and we’ve demonstrated its value by yielding substantial success as owners and operators of hotels, office, retail, and residential properties. Our sense of personal responsibility inspires accessibility, quick response and a hands-on management style.

Jack Jones – CEO

Jack Jones

A seasoned hotel operator of nearly 35 years, Jack Jones oversees all aspects of operations for all of FA Hospitality’s lifestyle brands, from supporting the company’s active commitment to operational excellence to facilitating the collaborative team effort between operations, sales, marketing and revenue management for its hotels, resorts and restaurants. Prior to becoming an executive recruiter, Jack was a General Manager managing various branded hotels such as Marriott, Hilton, Holiday Inn and Residence Inn.

Jack Jones paints a picture of success for every challenge that comes his way with the mantra: “Believe in your mind that you can, and you will.”  The impact of his 30-year career in the hospitality industry has spanned continents through his senior leadership positions at some of the world’s most well-known hotel companies.

Jack believes the most effective leaders surround themselves with outstanding talent who possess unwavering managerial courage and the desire to succeed beyond expectations. And last but certainly not least, his three keys to success: 1) a sharp wit, 2) the ability to consider alternative view points and 3) a heavy dose of rock n’ roll now and then.

Arnel Mojica – Vice President Finance

Arnel Mojica

Arnel Mojica, Executive Vice President, Finance, is responsible for the accounting and finance function for Montage International. In addition, Mr. Mojica oversees internal audit, risk management, legal administration, IT, and owner relations.

Mr. Mojica provides strategic leadership and vision to the finance discipline while executing the company’s growth strategies and identifying opportunities to enhance FA Hospitality’s organization, systems and processes

Arnel is responsible for safeguarding hotel assets, preparing all financial Statements, along with establishing and implementing policies and procedures to ensure internal controls for all FA Hospitality properties in the US. She oversees the corporate accounting team which includes regional controllers, human resources, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Additionally, Arnel will assume the leadership responsibilities for planning, implementing, managing, and controlling all enterprise-wide finance, accounting, payroll, and information systems related strategies.

Arnel will oversee the continued development of our accounting and finance departments. He will center his focus on the development of his team leaders by providing direction and accountability for the management and reporting of the financial performance as well as the improvement of our accounting and finance disciplines.

Eric Sted – Vice President Sales Select Hotels

Mr. Eric Sted joined FA Hospitality in April of 2018. He has over 22 years of cumulative experience in the hospitality industry, including roles at full-service, extended stay, and select-service properties with Marriott, Starwood and Hilton brands. His experience includes corporate and social catering sales, wedding planning, group and transient sales, oversight of hotel openings, and the facilitating of training classes

As Vice President of Sales Select Hotels at FA Hospitality, Eric Sted is responsible for aligning the human resources function as a strategic partner providing direction for operational needs. Mr. Sted brings to her role a wealth of experience in human resources with over 22 years of expertise and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 clients in the hospitality industry. He has placed top talent at the mid to executive level management throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean and successfully led recruiting teams throughout the country.

Eric is responsible for directing the optimization and execution of all Human Resources programs specific to property level new hire tools and processes, leading new hire General Manager orientation and training, overseeing the Excellence Development Process improvements and roll out, leading the design and delivery of FA Hospitality Leadership Conferences, and leading the on-boarding and off-boarding HR processes for new properties and property sales.

Finding a leader that aligns with the purpose, values and mission of your organization is hard. How we at FA Hospitality Search deliver is simple – and totally unique – in the search industry: we connect the most purpose-aligned, proven leaders to growing organizations with missions and cultures that matter.

Eric and his team of professionals Search is the leading executive search and strategy company that purpose-based organizations turn to for finding and hiring deeply aligned, high-performing, exceptional leaders that multiply their teams. We believe that the most transformational, impact-oriented leaders are found through a shared purpose with the hiring organization. Period.

Barry Renker – Vice President Operations

Barry Renker has over 30 years the hospitality industry having worked with a wide range of Brands, ownerships and assets. He has held executive operations and senior management positions with Marriott and Starwood Hotels and Resorts. Barry also worked for Pyramid Hotel Group and Four Corners Hospitality and held General Manager positions to furthering his skills and experiences.

Barry has demonstrated a career record of consistently leading top-brand hotels to exceptional performance through focus on quality and top-line revenue to drive profitability, market penetration, brand development, and associate and guest satisfaction. Barry has a history of providing effective and strategic leadership, promoting team development and has the capacity to build and create a competitive advantage resulting in superior quality, value and service.

As a tenured operator; Barry is an active supporter of the hotels and their teams but is always challenging the leaders under his charge to push the envelope. Coaching to improve the eyes of the operators and to also have the head of an owner, with the goal to always drive results and deliver a balanced scorecard. As comfortable with clients as he is with line staff in all positions, Barry understands the importance of relationships as well as results and works to ensure he is modeling behaviors to improve the caliber of leadership within the organizations where he has served.



The Armenian Species

Gossip: you can’t avoid it. And maybe, you shouldn’t want to. Scientists have argued that gossip is an important tool for social cohesion and information transmission, allowing us to function more effectively in an ever-larger society.  Moreover, it’s an important tool for effective learning: it can give us a sense of who would make a good ally—or who we should avoid—even in the absence of direct contact


Jealousy is the fear of comparison. Max Frisch.

Armenians: what can I say.  They make a competition out of who can outdo the other with the most wittiest license plate, the most expensive car, the biggest house, etc. The biggest, the most, the fastest – in short, if they don’t win the word ending in “est,” they don’t feel well that day.

In talking behind each other’s’ back, they are very skilled.  Armenians call it “something to chew on.”  We call it gossip.  And they’re always chewing… If you know what I mean.

Gossip is all around us. What is the role of gossip in a community? Is it good or bad for life in common?


“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”
― Henry Thomas Buckle


And this is very similar to another trait they call “yergoo-yeress-antzootyoon.”  I think Shakespeare had Armenians in mind when he wrote, “look thy flower but be thy serpent underneath.’  For you see, Armenians have the gift of putting you at ease and making you smile with their charm and wit, of making you the most important person in the room, but when you are no longer there –  like a serpent they sting, they bite and now  you’re the butt of all their jokes and the villain in every story. What happened to all the love you ask?  You’ were lulled by the Armenian peacock’s feathers and song but ended being covered in all of their guano.

If they need help, they have no problem in asking for it.  Your car, your time, your tools and so on, are all their’s for the asking. If you spent your time and energy in helping them and giving them direction – good for you in mentoring them, but do they appreciate? No.  As if you never exist.  Ungrateful?  Maybe.  Forgetful? Maybe on purpose.  In short – they take, take, take but seldom think about how to give.

Lastly, Armenians never seem to follow but always want to lead.  Compromise doesn’t seem to exist in the vocabulary.  And as a result, you have 2 different Popes, a million different churches and all manners of political parties, organizations and charities. You have countless flavors of Armenians separated by where they are from and of course their children change flavors depending on where they travel to.  And none of them seem to want to cooperate, get along or acknowledge the other. Instead they are always bickering and always fighting.  It’s amazing that Armenians have survived for this long.




Mihran Kalaydjian Elegant Element Band’s unique signature embodies the essence of World Music. The band’s distinctive arrangements preserve and popularize traditional Armenian songs by infusing each piece with large bodied vocals and a cool blend of instrumentals. The band’s original compositions resonate deeply with listeners’ yearning for nostalgia, or perhaps the old world through modern tones.

Mihran Kalaydjian Elegance performs traditional Armenian folk songs as well as more contemporary compositions laced with its own sensibilities, some of them distinctly non-Armenian. The band’s members are aligned in their determination to elevate their cultural heritage through music, while paying homage to South American and Mediterranean traditions—the band’s stylings are variously embossed with the sounds of Flamenco, Tango, Rembetika, as well as more contemporary influences. –Sam Ekizian/Critics’ Forum

Mihran’s orchestra is a truly unique collection of musicians. Mihran ” Mino” has hand picked each member of his musical band and has been in search for the world’s top performers to bring you what you see today. He refers to them as the “United Nations” as they come from all walks of life, backgrounds and experiences from all over the world. Mino brings you on a musical journey that only this group of musicians can attempt. The talents from each member surpass the imaginable, and they are all brought to you on one stage under the guidance of a true modern day orchestra


Aram Kasabian – Guitar Lead

Aram Kassabian took an interest in guitar at a very young age but, in the absence of opportunities to study guitar formally in his hometown.

Aram Kasabian is an acoustic guitarist/composer & arranger with almost 20 years of professional playing experience. Born and raised in San Diego, Alex’s dad first showed him how to play his first bolero on the guitar when he was 12 years old. Ever since then, Aram has been hooked on the beautiful Spanish Sound!

Aram Kassabian took an interest in guitar at a very young age but, in the absence of opportunities to study guitar formally in his hometown.

Aram Kasabian is an acoustic guitarist/composer & arranger with almost 20 years of professional playing experience. Born and raised in San Diego, Aram’s dad first showed him how to play his first bolero on the guitar when he was 12 years old. Ever since then, Aram has been hooked on the beautiful Spanish Sound!

Aram Kasabian is a longtime San Diego city-based guitarist, singer/songwriter, producer, and bandleader.

He is the leader of the Aram Kasabian Trio Band and has been the guitarist of choice with the iconic band Steely Dan for both recording and touring since 1999. With the launch of Adult Entertainment.


Samer Khoury – Violin


One of the most versatile and charismatic violinists today, Samer Khoury is an exceptionally dedicated and gifted performer whose passionate artistry has been heard and embraced around the world. British violinist Samer Khoury has toured the world as a virtuoso soloist for many years. He appears as soloist with the world’s major orchestras and conductors, directs many ensembles from the violin, and plays chamber music in a wide variety of traditional and new venues. Samer Khoury is a violinist known for his ability to captivate audiences with his combination of virtuosity and sophistication.


Hratch Panossian, BASS


Hratch Panossian began his bass playing career as a teenager in upstate New York. He played in several bands throughout his teen years and in the 80’s, progressed to the Binghamton, NY based band, Acts. This was a very polished professional band that toured the entire east coast and consistently packed every venue played. They also recorded an album, “Fear of Swimming”, on which Hratch wrote and co-wrote songs. Hratch considers Acts his college band, because it really honed his stage and playing charisma.

Sevan Manoukian – Drums


A magician is a performer who creates and stages illusions of impossible or supernatural feats through natural means. Like magicians, drummers have the power to illude an entire audience with as much ease but through the clever use of rhythm instead. With his rhythmic batons Sevan Manoukian has become one of the most skillful rhythmic illusionists of our time–a Houdini. Playing drum set felt so natural to him that Sevan Manoukian didn’t take long to decide he wanted to play professionally. To help him develop his chops, Sevan Manoukian’s father built him a wood shed in the backyard, inside which he nailed some mattresses to keep the noise down for the neighbors.


Tony Amer – Saxophone


“Saxophonist Tony Amer is a subverted of the jazz form,” declares Elias Manah in his Irabagon feature in the August issue of The New York City Jazz Record. “He’s a revolutionary who’s secretly messing with the changes. He might be dismantling the music’s mechanics from the inside, but from the outside he can frequently persuade a crowd that he’s an old- school practitioner. There are few players who can so deftly stride from post-bop to free improvisation, Avant country to doom metal and then wander from chaotic collage-spraying to sleek-blowing fluency.”